2008–2012/Cal State Long Beach, BFA Graphic Design
2004–2008/Cal Poly Pomona, majoring in graphic design


10.2018/Doggy Pile: A Deck of Dapper Dogs, Gallery Nucleus—Alhambra, CA
08.2018/ The Plant Show, Giant Robot—Los Angeles, CA
03.2018/ Year of the Dog Show, Giant Robot—Los Angeles, CA
02.2018/ Red Envelope Show 3, Grumpy Bert—Brooklyn, NY

12.2017/ 3rd Annual Totoro Art Show, Giant Robot—Los Angeles, CA
12.2017/ Post-It Show 13, GR2—Los Angeles, CA
09.2017/ Fruit Salad, Giant Robot—Los Angeles, CA
09.2017/ Furry Friends Welcome, Grumpy Bert—Brooklyn, NY
08.2017/ Mermaid and Mermen Show, Q Pop—Los Angeles, CA
07.2017/ Go Get 'Em Tiger, Giant Robot—Los Angeles, CA
02.2017/ Sweet Pink, Q Pop—Los Angeles, CA
02.2017/ Red Envelope Show 2, Grumpy Bert—Brooklyn, NY

12.2016/ Post-It Show 12, GR2—Los Angeles, CA
10.2016/ SALUT! Show, Nucleus Portland—Portland, OR
07.2016/ Uglycon, Giant Robot/GR2—Los Angeles, CA
02.2016/ Hey Ladies, Co-LAb Gallery—Los Angeles, CA
02.2016/ Red Envelope Show, Grumpy Bert—Brooklyn, NY

07.2015/ Wonderland Art for Animals, Leanna Lin's Wonderland—Los Angeles, CA
05.2015/ Spring Fling, Co-LAb Gallery—Los Angeles, CA

05.2014/ Doggie Wonderland, Leanna Lin's Wonderland—Los Angeles, CA
04.2014/ Magical Girl Heroines: Sailor Moon and Sailor Senshi, Q Pop—Los Angeles, CA

01.2013/ Bedtime Stories, Leanna Lin's Wonderland—Los Angeles, CA

12.2012/ Black X-Mas, Q Pop—Los Angeles, CA
05.2012/ One Show 18th Annual Student Exhibition, Eyebeam—New York, NY

09.2011/ It’s A Small World, Gallery Nucleus—Alhambra, CA
05.2011/ Illustrated Type, Gallery Nucleus—Alhambra, CA
04.2011/ AIGA/LA EMERGE, Otis College of Art & Design—Los Angeles, CA
03.2011/ CSULB Annual Ad Show, Werby Gallery—Long Beach, CA

03.2009/ Made in California Juried Exhibition, Brea Art Gallery—Brea, CA

09.2008/ Behind the Tree There is Another Tree, La Culebra Park—Los Angeles, CA
01.2008/ In the Absence of... Group Show, Bronco Student Gallery—Pomona, CA

05.2007/ 2D/3D Show Juried Student Exhibition, Kellogg Gallery—Pomona, CA
05.2007/ Dot Dot Dot Student Exhibition, Art Department Space—Pomona, CA
04.2007/ Responsio Mortifera, Abandoned Space—Pomona, CA

05.2006/ 2D/3D Show Juried Student Exhibition, Kellogg Gallery—Pomona, CA

06.2005/ Untitled Double Solo Show, The Hub—Mankato, MN

Honors & Awards

2007/ Dot Dot Dot Student Exhibition—Best Sculpture
2010/ Jim Van Eimeren Scholarship of Graphic Design Excellence
2011/ AIGA/LA Student Scholarship for Leadership & Design Excellence
2012/ The One Show Young Ones Competition — Merit Award